Pharma Engineering Sector: identity design

This was part of a greater all-in-one website and print project that I designed, as Lead Designer at web agency, Ionic Business Systems

Final Approved Version:

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apc logo design

apc identity design

Other Concepts:

apc logo concepts

Case Study

Key Concepts

The idea was get across concepts of Processes, Pharmaceuticals, movements and dynamism. The green was a nod to medicine.

I did several concepts on this project, as you can see, and unusally, I liked most of them.

In the unused concepts, lower down, you can see forms that suggest chains of molecules, fluids flowing from one point to another, cells and even a gear motif for the industrial process metaphor.

The client was quite fond of the 5th ones down which - with the blue overlaid on the type with drop-shadows for depth and clarity- once again suggest movement, flow, rotation and a chain of movement in a process.


I initially worked up the concepts with the most rounded font that I could quickly find. Later in finishing the design, I re-drew the a p c characters myself from scratch, to get them to do exactly what I needed formally.


I'm pleased with the top one which was approved, though I would have liked the option of a semi-transparent multi-coloured version for high-quality print and screen use such as the second one down.

responsive web design print work


Art Director & Designer: John I. White
My Employer: Ionic Web Design

Art Directed/Designed for

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