Quantity Surveyors: identity design

This was part of a greater all-in-one website and print project which I designed, as Lead Designer at web agency, Ionic Business Systems

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Case Study

The client had originally discussed the design and development of their website; but early in the process they realised that they also needed to re-design their logo. With a redesign of their stationery becoming the logical extension of that task: so the website revamp also became a brand re-design project.

Key Concepts & Starting points

An explicit + motif in between the directors' names was already in use in their visual branding materials. Now the client wanted to see how the logo could be improved as an integral part of their visual redesign which included their website and stationery and business cards. Stronger, "a bit of colour" and "not too busy". It would have been easy to go for a minimalist solution.

The type was re-organised and I worked on integrating the + symbol into it in a way that looked more designed and interesting, and less like simple text. The plus symbol is:

  • a simple metaphor for quantity surveying
  • a connector between the partners' names and
  • symbol of the positive.

To enhance this sense of positivity and energy, I went less minimalist and off-set a fairly corporate blue and grey with a sunny, complimentary orange.

Typography: Accentuate the Positive

I used a more modern typeface but retained the classic serif look. The 'plus' motif was integrated wholly differently than before. Rather than simply keeping the symbol in between the partners' names, I suggested its shape with the forms of the names themselves - particularly in the N but also the top of the W - and just two orange quadrants. It's a more subtle connector, and is given added visual interest in being an implied negative shape.

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Art Director & Designer: John I. White
My Employer: Ionic Web Design

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