Logistics/Movers: identity design

Identity design which was part of a website project that I also designed, as Lead Designer at web agency, Ionic Business Systems

easymoves logo design

easymoves identity design

easymoves logo design in action

Case Study

Key Concepts

A more modern and kinetic-looking logo.

Before designing the new Ireland and UK websites for my employer's client, I worked on their branding. The old logo was a simple collection of text in various typefaces and type styles, constrained within a dark, heavy, rectangular box. It didn't say anything visually about the company.

In re-designing the logo - which was mainly a typographical and colour change - I went with the concepts that are core principles of the company itself:

  • energy
  • speed
  • positivity
  • and friendliness

The Solution

The company name is leaning forward in a more energetic, kinetic manner—as opposed the the old treatment which was heavy and rooted looking. It's also looser and freer, with white space able to flow around it.

I used a warm, happy, positive yellow as a compliment to the cool blue. As an added element, there is the strapline which uses a 2nd—handwritten font to further emphasise the friendly human element. I picked out the all-important the word: 'Careful' in the contrasting colour.

The Logo In Action

I also mocked-up some visuals for how the logo might work in practice in more situations than just the website.


Art Director & Designer: John I. White
My Employer: Ionic Web Design

Art Directed/Designed for

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