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Equinox: web agency identity design

Whilst I was Lead Designer at Equinox

Pencil sketching

Some loose pencil sketches and a quick reference to an encyclopaedia gave rise to a meaningful use of curves, with an interesting positive-negative interplay of forms.

Swooshy, satellitey things...

There were a hell of a lot of swooshy-logos doing the rounds in 1990, and a glance through the appointments section of the paper (before the recession recently hit) evidenced that the plague hadn't abated:

Company name - typed into a graphics programme - Saturn-like swoosh plonked around it. Skewer an orbiting satellite for extra good measure.

It seemed to do equally well for tech companies as it did for Dry-Cleaners and skip hirers.


With Equinox logo I first found out exactly what an Equinox was - apart from an impressively scientific sounding word: "Equal Day and Night". When the equator of the Earth and sun are inline.

So I sketched a globe - then another overlapping it - and drew a horizontal line through the two. When the one in front was white and the one behind was filled, what do you know? - it looked fortuitously like an E. So in a couple of minutes I had the concept.


The final touch was getting the typography right. I have to tip my hat to my boss, Gerry, who strolled over and suggested "merging a couple of the letters - so they don't just look typed out".That proved to be the most time-consuming element to get working. I also reworked the 'i' to fit the rest of the forms.


Looking at it now, many years later, It's a clean, quirky logo and I still like it.

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equinox identity design

equinox logo design

equinox identity design


Art Director & Designer: J. White
My Employer: Equinox, web agency

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