A Software Industry Association: identity design

Identity design which was part of a greater all-in-one website and print design project, as Lead Designer at web agency, Ionic Business Systems

Final Approved Version:

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Case Study

The Challenge

To refresh and invigorate the old logo—which still needed to keep it's visual tie with the related Irish Software Association's logo.

The Solution

The logo was redrawn and greatly re-designed; and the colours were pumped up with a very bright, positive electric blue—and an extremely warm and positive complimentary tangerine. Energetic!


The typography was completely changed. I used a solid lower-case sans-serif Myriad font with the dots removed from the 'i's - not to be hip but to simplify and streamline. This also gave it quite an unexpectedly Irish feel.

A contrasting slab-serif font was then used alongside to retain visual interest and keep a somewhat fun, less-formal feel.

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Art Director & Designer: John I. White
My Employer: Ionic Web Design

Art Directed/Designed for

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