Environmental Engineering: identity re-design

Identity design (as part of a website design project) when I was Lead Designer at the web agency, Ionic Business Systems

Final Logo

large illustration preview image

Within the Website

Reversed, and 1-Colour Versions

Old Version, Before my Re-design

Case Study

Key Concepts

I took the logo concept which was already in existence and improved it.

In the bottom image down you can see the version of the logo that they already had. It hadn't been well maintained and the typographic clarity—and legibility—had become somewhat confused.

Strong, Engineered

I based the new version on sturdy engineered-looking forms, with a sturdy engineered-looking and professional typeface to match.


Art Director & Designer: John I. White
My Employer: Ionic Web Design

Art Directed/Designed for

client logo 2 client logo 1 client logo 1 client logo 9 client logo 1 client logo 3 client logo 1 client logo 1 client logo 1