Print: Conference Folder

My conference folder design which featured 2 of my logos designs. I also designed the invitation postcard and a large pull-up banner (not shown)


a4 folder graphic print design for a religious conference


a4 folder graphic print design for a religious conference

Case Study

I was asked by Manresa Jesuit Centre of Spirituality to design some of their conference materials, as I’d previously designed their Logo, website and letterheads. You can see the Manresa logo on the folder here, along with the Irish Jesuits’ IHS logo whcih i’d also previously designed (I don’t think I designed the very simple ‘Arrupe’ one shown here, though I may have? It’s hard to know sometimes, because I’ve designed so many).
I had incredible freedom with the design—as I usually did with the Irish Jesuit organisations—and it was done, approved and printed quickly. The only visual prompt was to use the beach scene stock photo and and photo of Pedro Arrupe himself.
The bright petal motif was actually created from duplicating and rotating part of my Manresa logo.

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