Print: Conference

The Irish Jesuits required lots of printed items to promote and celebrate the 400th Anniversary of one of their leading figures, Matteo Ricci. They hired me to design all of them.


matteo ricci centenary poster design
Above: Large A1 poster


matteo ricci centenary poster design
Above: Poster, Invitation postcard, flyer and very large exterior banner


matteo ricci centenary leaflet design
Above: A5 Leaflet


matteo ricci centenary flyer design
Above: A5 Flyer


matteo ricci centenary postcard design
Above: Postcard size invitation card


Case Study


Jesuit priest Ricci was a missionary to China and a mathematician, fascinated by geometry. He was a man who—to coin a phrase—built a bridge between East and West.
My concept then, was to show this visually: with Ricci placed before a world map of his time, and with a Chinese bridge re-drawn by me, in a very geometric, technical style—via Adobe Illustrator—spanning the composition from left to right/east to west.
These were very successful, and very popular. Pat Coyle, the commissioning manager of the Jesuit Communications Centre remarked of them:
“Some of his design work for us (posters, bookcovers, flyers etc) is still commented on and requested both here and abroad.”
Indeed the poster has been framed and hung within their many offices and houses.