Voices of the Acorn: Poetry Book

Poems by pupils of St.Patrick's Post Primary School - Edited by Ann Egan

This was a nice one. Because it was many years ago - before I could even use a computer - I needed assistance in putting it together, but the illustrations and design concept were my own. I really wasn't a designer at all at the time. It was all a baffling mystery to me.

It was nice to paint an idealised image of the County Kildare countryside that I spent so much happy time in as a kid. That's the Hill of Allen there. I used to view it from atop the Motte and Bailey in Naas town by the canal, during my School lunchbreaks as I ate my sandwiches.

apc print design by john white

Cover Illustrations & Cover Design Concept John White
Medium Watercolour, Polychromos, Ink & Photoshop

Art Directed/Designed for

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