Mark Hamill* said of my work, "I love it!"

But here's what some folks who I've worked for, have to say:

*That's Luke Skywalker!

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"John is an excellent designer and illustrator and worked on several creative projects for us at Marino Software.

He brings a broad wealth of experience and a deep knowledge of art, design and story to all projects he works on.

John's work has wit, is inventive and is of a highly professional quality.

He is one of the most creative people I have had the pleasure of working with."

Naoise Guerin, Creative Director,
Marino Software

(Kids' Apps, Games, Entertainment)

"(...) Not only is John a very talented artist in the traditional sense, but he has outstanding technical skills that he brings to his artistry and that makes his graphic design work outstanding.

He worked with us for almost four years and I am happy to hire or recommend him at anytime. He was a valued colleague with integrity and commitment.

Some of his design work for us (posters, bookcovers, flyers etc) is still commented on and requested both here and abroad."

Pat Coyle, Director,
Jesuit Communications Ireland

"John's attention to detail and understanding of the user requirements produced an application interface that fulfilled all our project specifications and more.

His input into the project will be missed."

Anthony Corns, Technology Manager,
The Discovery Programme
(Archaeological Research Company)

"John White joined Fluid Rock as Senior Designer in 2003 and was thrown in at the deep-end as he had to complete the design and delivery of the new website as part of a multi-disciplinary team.

He had many years experience as a graphic/web designer and brought a huge range of skill and experience to Fluid Rock. He designed over 50 quality websites during his three years at Fluid Rock, including,, and

His breadth of experience in relation to many design mediums proved invaluable and his work always brought a smile to my face, as they were imaginative, polished and could work with the prevailing web standards.

During his time at Fluid Rock his main learning was in the area of accessibility, usability and knowledge of the content management systems we used. His gained knowledge in these areas allowed the company deliver quality projects time after time."

Ruth Mac Partlin, Founder/Director,
Fluid Rock
(Web Design & Development Agency)

Art Directed/Designed for

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