Fluid Rock Interactive: Agency Website

Fluid Rock was a creative and fun environment to work in, and when there was any downtime there was a great enthusiasm for getting really creative on our own website.

We decided that the fun, friendly people aspect of the company should be reflected on the site. I took on the long-awaited re-design with relish.

The Aesthetic & The Personality

Liam Twomey, CTO

We wanted images of the staff in the section-page headers - but not just cool black and white ones with everyone staring off into the distance looking dreamy and moody: something quirky. Naoise Guerin, my co-designer took some very nice shots of the staff and in the first-pass, I gave them a half photo/half-penciled look.

But we turned instead to the following designs with incorporated graphics that said something about each person's discipline.

Ed Melvin, PM

Me, Design

Naoise Guerin, Design - but looking more like one of those compelling and very inspiring Tech Gurus who we love to watch on TED Talks!

Rove Monteaux, programming genius.

large illustration preview image

And a nice shot of everyone - that didn't make the cut.

More Design Concepts [unused]

You can see how these designs led-to and co-alesced into the final one [top]

Art Director & Designer: John White
Developer: P.Schweppe
Photographer: Naoise Guerin
My Employer: Fluid Rock, web agency

Art Directed/Designed for

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