SOX App: HCI/UX course project

From the 1st assignment for the HCI/UX Course that I completed at IADT in 2015: Special Purpose Award, Grade B, NFQ level 8.

The Brief

Design an App. Mine was the profoundly silly and non-viable SOX App - which would enable sockophiles to tag and keep track of their precious socks throughout the laundering process to prevent sock losses, or keep track of ones to be replaced.

The brief didn't require the App to be a sensible proposal, but for us to go through the process of designing an App - using the knowledge gained from the college course.

I also created 4 user personas for the App.

Above: A very skeumorphic concept design for the App. This was playful and more real-world looking. Most users preferred this and one suggested taking the realism and cosiness even further.
Below: A second, flat design for the same app. It's a more generic and boring design option. It could be for anything. However, a small percentage of users tested, did actually prefer this simpler, more businesslike look.

Wireframed screen-flows:

HTA/Hierarchical Task Analysis:

Use Cases:

Above: Version 1 of the product. Quite simple.

Above: Version 2 of the product, with an eCommerce element.

Above: Version 3 of the product. Share your sock pictures and stats with other online Sockophiles


Everything always starts on paper. And in the first 2 sketches below, you can see that I'm thinking in a real-world way. Imagining an actual person, socks, washer-dryer machine, clothes line etc. In fact, not just an actual person, but also imagining myself in that real-workd situation doing what they want to do: imagining the user journey and the possible scenarios within it.

Above: Visualising the User Journey and possible scenarios, and also a HTA analysis diagram
thinking about and visualising some of the information/data and reports that users might see within the App. And also (bottom) feedback/suggestions on what actions to take.

Art Directed/Designed for

client logo 2 client logo 1 client logo 1 client logo 9 client logo 1 client logo 3 client logo 1 client logo 1 client logo 1