Old/Original Version of 2009–10

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My Original 2010 Version (created in Adobe Fireworks)

Visual Aesthetic

These were only the early years of Flat Design catching on in the digital realm, so my design for these projects was still quite skeumorphic, hence the literally button-like buttons. In my later «re-design, flattened and simplifed the forms, I also reduced the amount of colour, holding it in reserve for useful emphasis of certain key elements.

Above: As the user drills down through the 'levels' of data, there are 14 Tabs, each containing up to 50 inputs, some pop-up modals and often sub-menus

Above: We developed a navigation menu which worked like 'breadcrumbs'

Above: 'Query Builder' screen

Above: Screen for attaching various media files to 'Fragments' of archaeology

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Art Directed/Designed for

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