Web UI: Archaelogical Research Database Application

My first UI Design work for large web applications, 2009-10. The Discovery Programme, the Irish State's foremost archaeological body, contracted me to UI Design 2 applications for Irish archaeologists to database their findings. It would then be rolled out across Europe. There were to be a huge number of data fields.

Mouse-over the buttons to animate them

My 2016 Re-Design Concepts (created in Sketch App)

Below: My updated Site-Level screen design. It's flatter, neater, and easier to use—with bigger UI elements for touchscreen.

Then the Samples-level screen. Watch the 'breadcrumbs'. Each of those can be clicked on, to go back a level.

Then the Taxon-level screen (watch the 'breadcrumbs')

Then the Fragments-level screen (watch the 'breadcrumbs')

Then we edit data for an individual Fragment

My Original 2010 Version (created in Adobe Fireworks)

See the original version»

Art Directed/Designed for

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