Slí Eile: Website

A fresh, modern, youthful look for this young people's organisation.

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sli eile website designed by john white

Case Study

The vibrant, energetic, positive orange of the branding was combined with the green for growth. It's also a bit more activist looking than what they were used to. As a young Jesuit organisation they follow the Jesuits' lead in positive activism, volunteer-working with poor children in South America, Africa and elsewhere.

Design Challenge

The challenge here was to create a lively, fresh, young-looking design - but not to avoid the religious context. In other words: Be up front about its Christian/Spiritual purpose - there's nothing cultish about Sli Eile. They wanted to make it cool too.

Also, point up the openness of Sli Eile to people of various faiths and even non-faiths. An important aspect of what they do is volunteer work. This had to be highlighted: volunteering in Zambia, Colombia, Jamaica and South Africa; and closer to home: helping children at risk in Dublin’s north inner city.

For such a small group, the interactive world map used to highlight and preview their many programmes is an impressive device.

Art Director & Designer: John White
Client: Sli Eile
My Employer: JCC

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